Small Package Delivery Solutions

A Fast, Top-Quality Small Package Shipping Alternative…How you want it, when you want it and the way you need it!

A New Ground Service Option for Ecommerce Shipping in the California Market!

Unboxit Logistics provides a reliable Intra-California solution for small package deliveries or larger ‘big & bulky’ items. We can pick up at your warehouse or your vendor’s warehouse using cargo vans, 26-foot box trucks, or trailers. Unboxit fulfills pickup and delivery to 80% of California’s zip codes as a cost-effective logistics alternative.


Pick-ups can be tailored to meet your supply chain requirements whether it is from your warehouse, distribution center or store locations. Regardless if your needs are late afternoon or early evening we can amend our schedule to align with yours! Metro markets within California can receive expedited time in transit, including one-day shipping service from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
Our delivery network of uniformed drivers is ready to serve you. Fast next-day or following day solutions can be structured as required within our core California delivery market. A simplified pricing structure with minimal surcharges coupled with a commitment to quality service make for an unbeatable, final-mile delivery solution!

Flexible Delivery Network

Proactive Technology Solutions

We have an array of manifesting, billing and labeling options and will work with your team on the best match. We can integrate with your WMS, accept API calls for labels, or you can process on a stand-alone PC.
Unboxit’s tracking capabilities enable visibility to all of the information necessary to monitor ecommerce or store-direct shipments and provide your customers with up-to-date package status and proof of delivery. A customer or vendor can click on the tracking number hyperlink, track from our website, or batch track multiple tracking numbers, quickly and easily.

Tracking & Visibility

Route Planning Optimization

Our experienced engineering and logistics team works within our operations and technology framework to create route plans that maximize the on-time delivery of products to your customers. Unboxit’s customer-centric driver teams also ensure that your products are delivered with care and professionalism.
Unboxit’s shipping programs include the support of friendly, well-trained customer service representatives to promptly handle delivery-related inquiries. Powered by a robust communications platform, the system can be configured for multiple queues and lines of business. Customizable statistics or service metrics can be generated upon request for areas such as average call time, hold times, escalations and call resolution status.

Call Center Support